An atheist prayer

Do I pray? Can an atheist pray?

Most devout atheists in denying the existence of God reject the supernatural (anything that cannot be explained by science) entirely. This means not believing in ghosts, angels, a spirit/soul, miracles, magic and even luck. I’m a bit of a black sheep among atheists in having a will to believe in these things while choosing not to believe in God. In the absence of proof, belief in the supernatural is an act of faith, or will.

And while I do not have the will to believe in God, I am open to the wonder of the universe. I don’t feel the need to understand or explain everything in human experience, I think beauty can reside in mystique. Experience itself can be intangible, mind-blowing, yet it is no less real. I simply choose to attribute the miraculous, the awe-inspiring, the heart-stopping, skin-tingling wonder that we have the privilege of experiencing to humanity and to the natural world rather than God(s).

So with a deep sense and appreciation of the beauty and power of everything in physical existence, I pray to all that is good and right and meant to be in the world. I pray with all my heart, and with every ounce of will in my soul, most sincerely and seriously for loved ones in pain, sickness, and heartache. I pray to all that is light, true and free, to all that is new, pure and full of life.

I pray that the sheer strength of our shared will to goodness, and our desire to let our own strength, resilience and belief pour out of our hearts and minds reaches those in need. I pray to the spirit of determination and optimism of mankind past, present and future. I pray to the stars, the sun and the moon that watch over us. I pray to the very core of my very own deepest heart.

I pray, and I believe in the strength of the will, in the will to survive, in the majesty of being, and living and loving. I pray. May my prayers be felt by my loved ones in need.